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My name is Elizabeth Zoeller and I'm a hybrid designer. I understand the rules and the attention to detail that must go into each and every digital design, photograph, logo, magazine, etc. I have a passion for being innovative and coming up with creative ways to solve the client's problem while integrating the needs of the consumers.

I've always been a creator. I started out with a piece of pink construction paper and some crayons, and then I went from there. I learned the basics of art on paper, but that wasn't enough for me, so I grew with my passion for creating and began building with my hands - a cO2 race car, dollhouses, clip boards, pottery and sculptures. I grew a passion for learning and growing. I came up with a new approach to my creative process - I realized you have to observe before you can solve, and that is one of the most important lessons I've learned yet.

Email: ezoeller16@themodern.com
Phone: (567) 207-5184
Duties: graphics, web, photography, + more.

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