Neutrogena is a well established brand that has been around for almost 100 years now. It’s a very clean brand that has a multitude of different products for many different age groups. While researching, I looked into packaging that was popular among the targeted demographic. I found that many consumers will buy a product solely based on packaging, so that was motivation to create something for the drug store that stood out among the other brands. I also wanted to update the brand just a smidge to make it more sophisticated and modern.


I changed the logo with hopes that it would help stand out from competitors along with following a new kind of design. This line is all about hydration, so to really incorporate that aspect, I made a series of paintings with all different shades of blue and white to resemble the ocean. I then incorporated that into the packaging. The goal of this design was to entice customers to see the packaging and think of water / hydration.


Branding + Package Design


Neutrogena | College Project


March 2018


Elizabeth Zoeller