This lookbook is for Nasty Gal, a female clothing brand that is all about feminism and representing women of every size with clothes they can feel confident in. Their brand is retro and has a very unique style to it. While researching, I looked at their Instagram, the blog they have on their page, and other social media sources to help me figure out the correct demographic to target. View the PDF version here.


I wanted to make this lookbook match the retro / grunge style that the brand has. I did six photo shoots for this lookbook to really encompass the different styles of Nasty Gal. I tried to incorporate different colors and locations. Each spread has a theme to it that matches the brand. I wanted to have minimal text on each page to represent the brand and their minimal style. Nasty Gal’s Instagram has a decent amount of model photography that is in architectural places or in the city. I tried to follow that idea with the photos that I took as well.


Lookbook Design


Nasty Gal | College Project


February 2018


Elizabeth Zoeller