Chef Gordon Ramsay is someone who is widely known across the world not only on social media platforms but among families in most homes. He isn’t just a chef, though, he is an inspiration to many adults and children across the world. Gordon and his wife, Tana, have a foundation that is all about giving back to the Great Ormond Street Hospital to help some of the United Kingdom’s most ill children. This says a lot about Gordon and the person he is. He has a very wide demographic and age group.


The inspiration behind having such a clean and easy-to-use website is because Gordon has a wide range of people who love to watch his shows and cook like he does. I wanted the website to incorporate Gordon and his food, which is where all of the colors on the website are pulled from. I wanted to section out all of the information with clear calls to action. There are numerous PNG photos to showcase the food and different things that Gordon has made. Without the backgrounds, it helps to just focus on the image. The borders and clean type faces represent Gordon as a clean and sleek chef and star.


Web Redesign


Gordon Ramsay | College Project


April 2018


Elizabeth Zoeller